The cost of one attempt of our games is 1 Gel.

The megabytes accrued from the game will be used first and then the internet received from another package.

There is no such limit available in our games, the accumulation of the number of megabytes and minutes depends entirely on your game skills and capabilities.

The term of using the megabytes accrued after the game is 30 days.

You can check the number of earned megabytes and minutes on the main page of the Beeline application, in the "Game Bonus" section.

Only Beeline network subscribers can use games and accumulate internet packages.

After a single verification, you have the opportunity to play 3 times, after which you will have to go through the verification again.

This problem is mainly related to either internet network crash or device malfunction, please use the "Contact" module for help.

If you do not have enough money on your balance, the game will automatically redirect you to the balance replenishment page - after replenishment you can continue playing.

In addition to the portal, you can see a list of games in the main menu of the MyBeeline application.